My husband and I…the first day we met.

I wish I had a picture of this day to share but it just resides in my head for the memory banks.

The setup: I had been working at this advertising agency in New York City for a little over three years. It was a relatively small agency (maybe 40 people) and we had an office assistant (like the mail room and supply closet maintenance plus all the other a/v related things that could be fixed by the flick of a switch, usually.) It turned out our current office assistant was going to school and found another job that was better suited for his future career so he was leaving.

Sometime in late October 2004, the guy who was leaving was bringing around the new guy to introduce him to everyone. I was in my office with a couple other of my co-workers. It might have been a not-work moment. He came in and introduced this dreamy guy, {future} hubby, to all of us. I told {future} hubby that if he had any questions, he could ask me…since I had been there for a few years and knew everyone. He smiled and got introduced to the rest of my co-workers in my office and then they moved onto the next office.

Pretty much the second he left, I was so smitten. He was cute, had a great smile and smelled really good. I definitely was interested…and only time would tell what the future held.


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