Walter, Peter and Olivia, oh my!

Do you watch Fringe? If you do, YAY! If you don’t, you should really go check it out! Seriously, go check your listings, mark it on your calendar.

It sounds like there is a possibility it will be canceled and I really don’t want that!

I love how Walter can’t call his lab assistant, Astrid, by her real name. It’s always Asterisk, Astro, Asteroid, Astringent, or Aspirin. And then there is Walternate — the whole brained Walter of the alternate universe…it’s all really good with sci-fi twists and turns. And oohlala Joshua Jackson. I’ve been drooling since he was Pacey on Dawson’s Creek. He’s really good at what he does!

I’ve also been following J.J. Abrams since Alias (I ♥ Jennifer Garner too)…was a total LOST fan…but not so much Undercovers. He’s got it going on.

So please try Fringe out, please. FOX, Friday 9pm…


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