34 things to do before I turn 35

Yes, it’s that day. The last day in February…when I was born so many years ago…but today starts a new tradition. Coming up with a list of thirty-four things to do before I turn thirty-five a la hula seventy.

1. Learn how to surf.
2. Work through The Artist’s Way.
3. Find a beautiful new apartment.
4. Explore Bodie in the summer and take lots of photos.
5. Learn how to cook eggplant parmesan.
6. Make a couple photography books I’ve been meaning to make.
7. Visit NYC in May and find something new and something old.
8. Participate in a photo walk.
9. Go to Pinecrest and enjoy the lake.
10. Give many kisses to my hubby.
11. Troll thrift shops and find treasures.
12. Go to a concert.
13. Ride a rollercoaster.
14. Take an online photography class to learn, share, and critique.
15. Plant some flowers.
16. Go to the library and read a LOT!
17. Bake some cookies and give ’em away to friends.
18. Go explore a cave.
19. Put art {photos, prints, cards} up on the walls of our new apartment.
20. Make a bouquet and put it on my desk at work.
21. Discover manual mode on my camera again.
22. Do more art.
23. Tend to a vegetable garden this spring/summer.
24. Take more Zumba classes because they are FUN.
25. Go to the SF MoMA.
26. Do a 5K run.
27. Make the ultimate 2011 iPod mix.
28. Go swimming – pool, lake, or ocean.
29. Journal more.
30. Experience some of my favorites in NYC – Kee’s Chocolates, Levain Bakery cookies, Dinosaur BBQ, Celeste cheese plate and some Tea & Sympathy.
31. Go to a baseball game.
32. Go camping and get back to nature!
33. Explore Washington, D.C. in May.
34. Fly a kite in Foothills Park.


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