and now comes the unpacking…

I have been spending most evenings this week unpacking boxes. I love discovering new/old items that you haven’t seen for awhile. We had so much in storage. It’s fun to start with a clean slate for where things will go except when you have far too many things to fit in spaces. Even though we’ve got more kitchen cabinets, I’m still struggling for where to put things.

When going through these boxes, I’m always leery of purging but understand it’s necessary. What happens if I need that particular itemsomeday? I will have to repurchase it. What if I never find the exact same thing? Or have to pay some exorbitant price for it on eBay because I gave it up? Do I think I’m a hoarder? I can answer that with a BIG, FAT “No!”. Do I like to save sentimental things? Yes. I’m trying to limit my “keep” pile this time around because I don’t like lugging all of this stuff from one place to the next. Streamline is the word of the month! This deliberation requires the unpacking go at a snail’s pace.


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