i’ve been dreaming of BIG things.

Ever since camp, I’ve been dreaming of what could be in my future. BIG things. When I took my first class in photography back in college, it just clicked. I loved spending time in the darkroom and the camaraderie that I found in that little hole in the wall room with amber light (or pitch black, if printing color). I felt the same way while at camp. It suddenly got my wheels a’turnin in that big ole brain of mine. I was totally inspired, on many levels.

What if I could do great things with my photography? What do I like photographing the most? I feel like I came out of my as-the-years-go-by-getting-more-introverted shell and realized that there was still some social aspect that I was yearning for. I’m curious about experimentation and want to explore different avenues of photography to see more — with my own eyes and my lens.

Tracey’s class about “finding your niche” wasn’t completely pertinent to me, at least professionally because I don’t get paid to do my photography, but I am interested in that avenue and taking that plunge. It’s actually one of my items on my Mondo Beyondo list…but we’ll get to that list next time. I need to dig it up and throw it back out to the world to see what happens.


1 Response to “i’ve been dreaming of BIG things.”

  1. 1 jennifer November 13, 2011 at 11:51 am

    every time i step back from my photography it never lets me sit long. something grabs at me and pulls me back (right now all those beautiful leaves outside) i keep saying some day, some day i will do more.

    i like what you said about getting out your mondo beyondo list and throwing it back out into the world, i just pulled mine back out a week ago.

    thank you for your kind words on my blog btw after our attepted break-in. all the lovely support was wonderful. it meant a lot that you took the time to say something. getting easier everyday.


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