For me.

As part of choosing focus as my one word for 2012, I thought long and hard about what needed focus. I came up with ME. I sacrifice a lot in my daily life for others but what about me? I do my co-worker duties, I do my wifely duties but what about me?

This month I’ve been thinking about what is important to me that I want to pursue and focus on in 2012.

I have taken the first step in the first week of January signing up for Zumba class twice a week. The classes give me an hour of sweaty, fun, enjoyable dancing (even with my two left feet and very little grace). The feeling when you step into the room and just start doing the steps. As the classes go on, you get to know the playlist, what song is coming next, and what steps are coming up. It’s a fantastic feeling. This hour is for focusing on my health. For me.

When that hour is complete, I feel energized and ready to take on the world.


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