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For me.

As part of choosing focus as my one word for 2012, I thought long and hard about what needed focus. I came up with ME. I sacrifice a lot in my daily life for others but what about me? I do my co-worker duties, I do my wifely duties but what about me?

This month I’ve been thinking about what is important to me that I want to pursue and focus on in 2012.

I have taken the first step in the first week of January signing up for Zumba class twice a week. The classes give me an hour of sweaty, fun, enjoyable dancing (even with my two left feet and very little grace). The feeling when you step into the room and just start doing the steps. As the classes go on, you get to know the playlist, what song is coming next, and what steps are coming up. It’s a fantastic feeling. This hour is for focusing on my health. For me.

When that hour is complete, I feel energized and ready to take on the world.


focus is it!

And there it is…focus is my 2012 word.

There is so much meaning in the word and I know that it will help me throughout the year to fully embrace it.


These past few days I’ve been dwelling (haha) on *the* word of 2012. In my photography, I’ve been playing a lot with depth of focus and really being drawn to short depth of field photographs as well as experimenting with other ways of seeing life pass me by.

Focus might be something that I could embrace for this year as my word.

I could focus on my photography practice.
I could focus on projects near and dear to my heart (photography or not).
I could focus on what my goals and dreams are.
I could focus my thinking to achieve those goals and dreams.
I could focus on the small stuff or the VERY BIG stuff.

I guess it really matters what you want to do with the one word. We’ll see, we’ll see.


hello 2012. it’s nice to see you.

i have neglected this blog…the rhythm is tricky. the regular posting, putting words together to say what i mean (when i mean what i say).

but i’m gonna have another go at it…

i’m still searching for my one word for 2012. i haven’t picked one before but plan on thinking this first week and see what sounds like it could carry me through this year.

rhythm, possibly? we’ll see by next monday.

{and i haven’t forgotten about my mondo beyondo list either…just realized i have to spend some quiet time with it before throwing it back out to the universe again.}


I know that change needs to happen from within. I’ve been feeling the motivation for change for the past month. Changing perspectives and priorities in my life. How do I perceive something vs. how it really is? What is really important in my life right now…those really hard questions to answer.

Everyone always says, focus on changing yourself and others will follow (and yes, I may be talking about some specific relationships in my life). Lead by example.

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.”

— James Belasco and Ralph Stayer, Flight of the Buffalo (1994)

I’ve never seen this movie but this quote sings to me. I know I mentioned my Mondo Beyondo list last week and it seems my memory is fading of the class but in my mind, I had finished the class completely. It seems this might not be true as I was able to dig out my half written, not completed list.

I’m making this my little project for this weekend, curled up in bed, appreciating the warmth and peace. I will promise to report back and officially release my list (hopefully filled with change!)

i’ve been dreaming of BIG things.

Ever since camp, I’ve been dreaming of what could be in my future. BIG things. When I took my first class in photography back in college, it just clicked. I loved spending time in the darkroom and the camaraderie that I found in that little hole in the wall room with amber light (or pitch black, if printing color). I felt the same way while at camp. It suddenly got my wheels a’turnin in that big ole brain of mine. I was totally inspired, on many levels.

What if I could do great things with my photography? What do I like photographing the most? I feel like I came out of my as-the-years-go-by-getting-more-introverted shell and realized that there was still some social aspect that I was yearning for. I’m curious about experimentation and want to explore different avenues of photography to see more — with my own eyes and my lens.

Tracey’s class about “finding your niche” wasn’t completely pertinent to me, at least professionally because I don’t get paid to do my photography, but I am interested in that avenue and taking that plunge. It’s actually one of my items on my Mondo Beyondo list…but we’ll get to that list next time. I need to dig it up and throw it back out to the world to see what happens.

{wordless wednesday}


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